Mouse and keyboard support has been available on Xbox since Microsoft brought it to the Xbox One in 2018. However, what you could do with those peripherals was limited. With the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, Microsoft is expanding mouse and keyboard support to include the Edge browser.

The Chromium version of Microsoft Edge is now available on Xbox Series consoles, bringing most of the look and feel of the Windows 10 browser to gamers. Still, it has not had mouse and keyboard support since launching on Xbox.

That is changing this week as Microsoft is now allowing testers of the browser to use their mouse and keyboard. According to The Verge, the mouse works as it would on PC, allowing users to navigate and interact with websites.


Coupled with the keyboard, users can also edit Office documents such as Microsoft Word. While we doubt many Xbox users will be doing that, it’s a nice touch. Support for the peripherals will also help people who watch stream through the browser on their console, allowing them to interact with chats better.

Stadia Support

Another interesting ability mouse and keyboard support brings to Edge on Xbox Series X and Series S is support for Google Stadia. Sure, Google Stadia is mostly a failed concept, but gamers can now play Stadia games on Xbox consoles.

Xbox testers on the Alpha Skip Ahead branch can now test Microsoft Edge. As well as availability on the new consoles, the browser is also on Xbox One. We guess we are still a few months from the browser being fully launched on Xbox consoles.

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