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Windows 10 Is Now on 800 Million Devices, May Finally Reach Its Goal of a Billion

Microsoft is slowly nearing its goal of 1 billion Windows 10 devices after a missed deadline, possibly reaching the metric by the end of 2020.


‘One billion devices' is a phrase that's both haunted and pushed it to keep improving. When Terry Myerson set the goal in 2015, he didn't know that mobile would perform quite so poorly, nor that it would be axed entirely.

As a result, the original time limit of “two or three years” has long passed, but the operating system is finally nearing its goal. Microsoft admitted it wouldn't make its target back in 2016. Now, it's looking like the giant may round up the number in 2020, sitting now at 800 million.

The information comes from Yusuf Medhi, VP of modern life and devices at the company. Microsoft's ‘by the numbers' page has also been updated to reflect the new statistic. It means the operating system is easily the world's most popular, trailed slightly by Windows 7.

Customer Satisfaction

As Windows 7 reaches its end of life, we can expect the number to jump significantly, though it's worth noting these stats don't just account for the desktop. Microsoft also counts Xbox, Surface Pro, and Windows 10 mobile as devices.

Despite buggy updates and privacy concerns, Medhi also says Windows 10 a higher customer satisfaction than any previous Windows release. The methodology behind that statistic isn't exactly clear, but it's an interesting claim.

In the coming months, Microsoft will release Windows 10 19H1, which addresses some of user's issues with the OS. It will remove many bugs, let users remove more default apps, and separate Cortana and Windows Search. It will also introduce a new Light Theme for a slightly more modern look.

Naturally, the company will be hoping adoption of the update will be faster than the previous one, which was a historic low for the OS.

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