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Windows 10 19H1 Preview 18262 Allows More Microsoft Apps to be Removed

Windows 10 19H1 Preview build 18262 is now available on the Inside, giving users the ability to remove more Microsoft apps from the platform.


's focus for this month has been on fixing the broken and paused October 2018 Update. That fix is now moving through the Windows Insider Program to the Release ring. However, Microsoft has also been working on the full preview branch for . A new update makes adds plenty of features for next spring's full release.

Yesterday, the company rolled out Insider Preview 18262. Now that the October 2018 Update is out of the way, Microsoft is full steam ahead with the next full Windows 10 release. In this installment of the 19H1 branch, the company has made several changes.

Perhaps the most notable is the ability to uninstall more preinstalled Microsoft applications. Previously, users could delete Solitaire Collection, My Office, OneNote, Print 3D, , Tips, and Weather from the platform.

The new build allows users to also delete 3D Viewer, Calculator, Calendar, Groove Music, Mail, Movies & TV, Paint 3D, Snip & Sketch, Sticky Notes, and Voice Recorder. Basically, we are close to being able to remove all from Windows 10.

Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed a Task Manager flaw causing problems in the October 2018 Update. The company has now fixed that issue and Windows 10 is getting a new tab. Insiders can now test DPI Awareness for the Task Manager. This tab shows application running DPI aware.

Bug fixes and known issues

  • Fixed an issue resulting in App History being blank in Task Manager in the last flight.
  • Fixed an issue from the previous flight resulting in Task Manager's icon in the notification area of the taskbar not staying visible while Task Manager was open.
  • An issue resulting in the upgrade to the previous flight potentially failing with error 0xC1900101. This same issue could have resulted in Office products not launching, services not starting, and/or your credentials not being accepted on the login screen after first upgrading until rebooting.
  • Fixed an issue where Settings would crash in the last few flights if in Ease of Access you clicked “Apply” on Make Text Bigger.
  • Fixed an issue where Settings in the last few flights might crash in the last few flights when clicking Check for updates or applying an updated Active Hours range.
  • An issue where Notepad wasn't listed on the Set Defaults by App page in Settings.
  • When adding a new language in Settings, there are now offer separate options for installing the language pack and setting the language as the Windows display language. There are also separate options for installing the Speech recognition and Text-to-speech features, when these features are available for the language.
  • Updated the Printers & Scanners page in Settings to now include a link straight to the troubleshooter in case you need it.
  • Some Insiders may notice some changes to clipboard history.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in File Explorer not launching if invoked from a pinned Start tile when in Tablet Mode.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in the brightness sometimes resetting to 50 percent after a reboot.
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