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In case you missed the memo, Windows 10 Mobile is no longer a thing. Microsoft decided to stop adding new features or releasing new hardware in 2016. Yes, the platform is still “supported”, but it’s not coming back. Or is it?

Bluetooth SIG, the standards group regulating Bluetooth, mentions a Windows 10 Mobile version 1809. If you are unfamiliar with the 1809 numbering, it is Microsoft’s version number for Redstone 5. Of course, Redstone 5 will be launching next month as the October 2018 Update.

So, if Windows 10 Mobile has an 1809 version according to Bluetooth SIG, is the platform returning next month. By the way, Microsoft has a Surface event scheduled for October 2. These two coincidences suggest Microsoft is going to announce a smartphone and bring back its mobile Windows.

That would be a huge surprise considering the Surface Phone (Andromeda) has apparently been shelved. Unfortunately, the more likely explanation is simply a mistake on Microsoft’s. Still, it gives something extra to look for over the next couple of weeks ahead of that Surface event.

No More Win10 Mobile

Microsoft has been clear that it will no longer bring new features to Windows 10 Mobile. When the platform was put on ice, the company effectively killed Windows Phone and Lumia as a result. If Microsoft is to make a return to mobile with its own hardware and software, it will be with a new platform.

Speaking of mobile presence, it is always worth remembering Microsoft has never really disappeared. Instead, the company is focused on developing its services on iOS and Android.

Yes, that’s a frustrating situation for Windows fans, but it has paid off for Microsoft. The company is among the most successful developers on iOS and Android. Services like Microsoft Edge, Office, and Cortana are reaching more users through Microsoft embracing cross-platform.