Windows  Redstone

Over the last few months, when discussing Redstone 5, we have been calling the upcoming Windows 10 feature update the October 2018 Update. However, the name was speculation (albeit calculated) as Microsoft hadn’t officially given Redstone 5 a name. Today, that has changed.

Microsoft has officially revealed Redstone 5 will indeed become the October 2018 Update. As the name suggests, the update will arrive in October. We already know some new additions to the platform include a cloud clipboard, dark File Explorer theme, and Microsoft Edge improvements.

It’s true that this Redstone release is slightly less packed than previous Redstone builds. It certainly does not feel as seismic as Redstone 2, the Creators Update.

As mentioned, we have been calling Redstone 5 the October 2018 Update for some time. Back in April, Microsoft announced Redstone 4 as the April 2018 Update. It showed the company had moved away from giving Windows 10 versions specific names. Instead, the month and year makes for a more efficient naming model.

We already know the October 2018 Update will be version 1809. Earlier this month, we explained how this version can be numbered for September but launch in October. Microsoft finalizing the version in one month and releasing it in the following month. That’s how the company prepares Windows 10 updates, and we can look to the last major release for evidence.

Early RTM

The April 2018 Update was launched (late because of delays) in April, but its build number is Version 1803. It was finalized in March before being rolled out in April.

This week, Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Preview build 17746, which could be the release to manufacturing (RTM) for Redstone 5. I speculated that the reason for an early RTM build is become Microsoft wants to avoid a delay.

The April 2018 Update was delayed due to unforeseen problems. With a month until Redstone 5 going public, Microsoft has time to avoid similar issues.