Sony’s CEO has doubled down on the refusal to enable cross-platform Fortnite as criticism of the company mounts. Speaking to the Press Association, he gave a reason for the decision, but it’s unlikely to please fans.

“On cross-platform, our way of thinking is always that PlayStation is the best place to play,” Kenichiro Yoshida said. “‘Fortnite’, I believe, partnered with PlayStation 4 is the best experience for users, that’s our belief.”

In some ways, Yoshida’s answer makes sense. By keeping within the boundaries of the platform, Sony can guarantee a certain level of quality. Players can know they’re only fighting against others on PS4, and there’s generally more control.

Currently, users will be asked to create a new account if they try to link theirs with a different platform. Though PS4 users can play with PC users to an extent, they’re unable to play on other platforms.

Developers Aren’t Happy

However, with cross-platform functionality a major feature, it’s hard to say Playstation holds the best experience. Granted, the base PS4 runs at a slightly better resolution than the Xbox One at 60fps, but the Xbox One X easily overtakes the PS4 Pro.

The real reason Sony restricts cross-platform is to maintain its player base advantage. It has the most users of any platform, and opening the game to other players would degrade that. It wants to force people to buy PS4’s if all of their friends have one.

It’s a way of thinking that’s somewhat short-sighted. Big developers like Bethesda have hinted that if Sony keeps throwing a spanner in the works, they may not release some titles on PS4 at all.

Previously, Sony has said its lack of cross-platform was to protect children and came under fire. Aware that it’s behind in the race, Microsoft has latched onto any cross-platform opportunity it gets, even letting some Xbox purchases carry over to PC.

Though Sony has opened some titles to cross-play previously, it’s been very selective in its choices. Ultimately, its great exclusive lineup is enough to sway gamers, who can boot Fortnite up on PC if they’re okay with starting from scratch.