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Xbox One X is “Significantly more powerful than PS4 Pro” Confirms Crackdown 3 Developer

Sumo Digital, the company behind the upcoming open-world action game says Xbox One X is much more powerful than PS4 Pro and describes the different as night and day.


recently introduced is an incredible performer. Indeed, the company describes it (accurately) as the most powerful console ever made. Most outlets, including us, have compared it favorably to Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro. However, the developer behind Crackdown 3 says the difference between the consoles is night and day.

This echoes a previous statement from Xbox chief Phil Spencer. He said comparisons between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro are unfair as the Xbox is simply much more powerful.

Compared to the , the Xbox One X has 2TFLOPS (6 in total) more, increased GPU strength, and a full 4K Blu-ray player. We have seen in recent benchmarks how will this gives the console a clear advantage in scaling to 4K.

Additionally, it is already clear the X will give native 4K gaming capabilities that the PS4 Pro cannot.

Gareth Wilson, Design Director for Crackdown 3 developer Sumo Digital, says Microsoft's boasts about Xbox One X are true. The console does significantly outperform the PS4 Pro:

“We've got something like 15,000 simultaneous props moving around in our game (Crackdown 3). Now the Xbox One X just eats them for breakfast,” Wilson says.

“You can just go and go and go with it. Once we start making games that are optimized for that platform, it's going to be badass. I don't mind saying that it's significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, and we've worked with PlayStation 4 Pro. It's way more powerful. It's a night and day difference.”

Breaking it Down

Ok, so many of you probably known Crackdown 3 will be an Xbox exclusive when it is released. However, Sumo Digital does develop games across platform. One of them is a AAA open world game that will launch on PS4 Pro.

This means the company has experience working with Sony's and Microsoft's flagship game machines.

It's not about what Crackdown 3 looks like (honestly, I think it looks graphically decent but not special). Instead Wilson has explained how they were able to get so much more from the Xbox One X.

It is a unique position where developers are openly saying Microsoft's console is better. Sony is the runaway market leader, but the company must be concerned by the obvious positive buzz around the Xbox One X.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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