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Google Initiates Legal Action Against Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam by Chinese Developers

Google sues app developers for creating 87 fake crypto investment apps that defrauded over 100,000 users.

Microsoft Store Scandal: Fraudulent Ledger App Rakes in $588,000 through Cryptocurrency Sca

A fraudulent cryptocurrency application called Ledger Live Web3 was found on the Microsoft Store, tricking unsuspecting users into entering their recovery phrases

Microsoft Edge Gets Improved Cryptocurrency Web Wallet Feature

Microsoft Edge introduces support for cryptocurrency wallets and converts it into a web application.

Microsoft Edge Now Testing Crypto Wallet for NFT/Cryptocurrency Transactions

Microsoft Edge Crypto Wallet is a new cryptocurrency payment service for NFTs and Crypto built directly into Edge.

Cryptocurrency Firm Genesis Files for Bankrupty as Cryto Collapse Continues

Cryptocurrency lending company Genesis says it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and published details on the process.

Investors Sue the Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange over Interest Accounts

The Gemini cryptocurrency exchange is accused of misleading and selling interest accounts to investors without registering them.

Microsoft Bans Cryptocurrency Mining on All Online Services

Microsoft has updated its Universal License Terms for Online Services to ban cryptocurrency mining from Azure and other services.

Kraken Details Ways to save Itself during Cryptocurrency Decline

Kraken says it is laying off 30% of its staff and cutting operating expenses to survive uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market.

FBI Says Fake Cryptocurrency Apps Are Fleecing Investors of Millions

The FBI is warning cryptocurrency investors of successful scams that have already taken over $40 million from people.

Cryptocurrency Industry Insiders Predict Price Decline for Smaller Currencies

Thousands of cryptocurrency platforms will become obsolete, experts say, as prices across the industry continue to tumble.
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Chinese Cryptocurrency Miners are Ignoring the Country’s Crypto Ban

Despite China making cryptocurrency mining and trading illegal, the country has become the second-biggest miner after the US.

Poly Network Cryptocurrency Theft Sees Hackers Take Over $600 Million

Poly Network has confirmed hackers have breached a vulnerability and stolen cryptocurrency tokens, with reports of over $600 million taken.

Microsoft Patent Proposes a Cryptocurrency That’s Mined with Your Body Heat

Microsoft's idea involves the use of users' brainwaves and body heat data as a proof of concept, allowing them to perform tasks for cryptocurrency.

Facebook Enters the Cryptocurrency Game with Libra, an Asset-Backed Digital Payment System

Facebook's Calibra app will enable low-fee transactions, while the Libra currency will tie into its social media platforms and other apps for secure payments.

Facebook Shutters Messenger Mobile Payments in France and UK amid Cryptocurrency Development

Facebook Messenger will soon stop supporting mobile payments in France and the UK, but could this mean the start of Facebook’s stablecoin solution?

Facebook Is Working on Stablecoin Cryptocurrency for WhatsApp

Facebook is reportedly developing a stablecoin currency for WhatsApp that will allow users to buy and sell on the messaging service.

AWS Outage Causes Temporary Collapse of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Two leading South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges were forced to suspend trading because of an AWS outage earlier today.

Chinese Floods Decimate Cryptocurrency Mining Systems Creating GPU Boom

The graphics card market could see a mini boom as 70% of China’s cryptocurrency mining systems have been lost in floods. For GPU OEMs selling off inventory, this is good news. Not so much for consumers.

Microsoft Bing Bans Cryptocurrency Ads Due to ‘Predatory Behaviors’

Microsoft Bing is banning Cryptocurrency ads due to their unregulated and speculative nature and will begin to enforce strict policies next month. The move comes after a number of high-profile scams over the past year.

Google Joins Facebook in Banning Cryptocurrency Advertising

Google says it will ban cryptocurrency ads across all of its services, but the change will not be introduced until June.

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