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Microsoft Edge Now Testing Crypto Wallet for NFT/Cryptocurrency Transactions

Microsoft Edge Crypto Wallet is a new cryptocurrency payment service for NFTs and Crypto built directly into Edge.


is the do-it-all web browser that has loads of features, many of which have nothing to do with web browsing. We can now add a full wallet to the pile of unnecessary Edge features. is now internally testing a wallet for cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The Microsoft Edge Crypto Wallet was discovered by Albacore, who posted screenshots of the feature on Twitter. Microsoft seems to be still testing the integration internally and to select Insiders as it is not yet available widely to Microsoft Edge Insiders.

That will likely change in an upcoming preview release.

With the Microsoft Edge Crypto Wallet, users will have a built-in Ethereum wallet on the web browser. They will be able to send and receive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies securely and easily.

Importantly, the wallet is non-custodial, which means individuals own their private keys and have complete access to their funds. Public keys can be shared to receive payments, with private keys used for outward transactions.

Edge Wallet

Microsoft has been working to make Edge a payment platform over the last year. Back in September 2022, I reported on the Wallet feature that supports card payments on Microsoft Edge.

When making payments with a card on Microsoft Edge, the Wallet feature will ask if you want to use a saved card instead of entering a new card number, and CVV. Users can include their own cards manually, or Edge will request to save card details you enter when making purchases.

Alternatively, you can consider exploring reviews and recommendations to find the best hardware wallet for peace of mind and enhanced security.

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