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Microsoft Edge “Wallet” Feature Coming to Windows 11 and Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Wallet is a new card payment feature that is currently in A/B testing for select Canary channel users.


is getting yet another new feature for users on and . Known as ‘Wallet', the new tool promises to provide a place to securely manage physical card payments online within the web browser.

When making payments with a card on Edge, the Wallet feature will ask if you want to use a saved card instead of entering a new card number, and CVV. Users can include their own cards manually, or Edge will request to save card details you enter when making purchases.

Considering Microsoft does not have its own payment platform, this is the closest the company has come. I will also file this as a useful Microsoft Edge feature. The browser has loads of tools, some of them not really necessary. Wallet is different as it makes for a more efficient browsing experience.

Aside from being a web browser, Edge is now also… well, nearly everything else. Whether you find the myriad features useful or think of them as bloatware (the reality is somewhere between), Edge is a fully stocked browser experience.

Available Now

In terms of the Wallet feature, it is now rolling out to select users in the United States, with A/B testing. This means while it is running in the , it is now available to all users who have access to Canary builds. Only devices included in Microsoft's limited A/B testing ring can try it out.

Either way, it is clear this feature is on its way so I expect a full preview release in the coming weeks. A final end-user push should come in a couple of months.

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