Despite the struggles of the cryptocurrency market in recent months, thousands of people are still turning to crypto mining. However, those people will no longer be able to use Microsoft services to help them. That’s because the company has updated its Universal License Terms for Online Services to block all crypto mining activity.

Crypto mining is essentially a process where new bitcoins are created by solving complex math problems that verify transactions. Creating new cryptocurrency is as simple as mining gets as the process is complicated and requires computers and software to do the heavy lifting.

Microsoft Universal License Terms for Online Services now state that Azure and any other online service cannot be used for mining. This change was made quietly as it has been in effect since December 1. According to the company, the decision was made to boost the security of cloud customers.

The update reads:

“Neither Customer, nor those that access an Online Service through Customer, may use an Online Service: to mine cryptocurrency without Microsoft’s prior written approval.”


On a forum post, Microsoft adds:

“The Acceptable Use Policy has been updated to explicitly prohibit mining for cryptocurrencies across all Microsoft Online Services unless written pre-approval is granted by Microsoft. We suggest seeking written pre-approval from Microsoft before using Microsoft Online Services for mining cryptocurrencies, regardless of the term of a subscription.”

Earlier this year, we reported on the prediction that the crypto market will retract. Many smaller coins will simply disappear while large currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum will survive. There are currently over 19,000 cryptocurrencies and the market cannot sustain them all.

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