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Microsoft Edge to Enhance PDF Experience with Adobe Acrobat Integration

Microsoft and Adobe join forces to improve PDF viewing in Edge. A new Adobe Acrobat PDF engine will be integrated into Edge


Microsoft and Adobe last month unveiled a collaborative initiative aimed at significantly enhancing the PDF viewing capabilities within the Microsoft Edge browser. This partnership will see the integration of the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine into Edge, promising users an improved document rendering experience, faster performance, and advancements in security and accessibility. The announcement which has since been updated marks a significant step forward in Microsoft’s commitment to delivering superior digital document experiences to its users. This development comes a year after Microsoft brought Adobe Acrobat to Windows 11

Timeline and Transition Details

According to an updated document from Microsoft, the current PDF engine that powers Edge’s built-in PDF reader is slated for removal no earlier than early 2025. In preparation for this transition, Microsoft plans to commence the rollout of the new Adobe-powered engine to managed devices starting this summer. Alongside this rollout, an opt-out policy will be introduced, allowing organizations to temporarily retain the legacy PDF engine while they adapt to the new system. This policy is a temporary measure, with its expiration date set to precede the removal of the old engine, ensuring a smooth transition to the Adobe Acrobat PDF experience for all users.

Enhanced PDF Experience and User Options

As part of this transition, Microsoft is actively deploying the new Adobe Acrobat PDF experience to Edge users. For those eager to experience the upgraded PDF viewer ahead of the broader rollout, Microsoft provides an option to manually enable the “New PDF Viewer” through the edge://flags page. Enabling this feature not only activates the new PDF engine but also introduces an “Edit with Adobe” advertisement, promoting the Adobe Acrobat subscription service. This service, priced at $15.59 per month when paid annually, offers additional functionalities such as PDF editing, file merging, and item addition.

For users who may prefer the existing PDF viewing experience, Microsoft offers the flexibility to revert to the old engine. However, it is important to note that this option will become obsolete with the eventual removal of the legacy PDF engine in early 2025. This transition underscores Microsoft’s dedication to enhancing the productivity and security of its browser offerings, leveraging Adobe’s expertise to provide a state-of-the-art PDF experience.

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