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Microsoft Edge Dev Unveils New PDF Tools and Performance Improvements in Its Latest Release

Microsoft Edge Dev update (version 124.0.2438.2) brings new features for PDF users and improved browser stability.


has released a new feature update, version 124.0.2438.2, for Edge Insiders in the Dev Channel. This update introduces significant enhancements, including new actions for Viewer and a host of reliability improvements across the browser. The Adobe Viewer upgrade notably enhances the PDF user experience within Microsoft Edge.

Enhancements and New Features

The update focuses on elevating user experience and improving browser reliability. Key improvements include enhanced Adobe Viewer functionalities, allowing users to interact with PDF files more efficiently within the browser. Additionally, the update has targeted various reliability issues, ensuring a smoother browsing experience for users. The development team has dedicated efforts to refine user interactions and stabilize performance across multiple platforms.

Availability and Future Releases

Dev is accessible to users on , 11, macOS, Linux, and Android platforms, available for download through the official website. Anticipation grows for the stable release of version 124, scheduled for the week of April 18, 2024. This step marks a significant milestone in Microsoft's commitment to refining web browsing by addressing feedback from its community of Edge Insiders.

Ad Selection API Launch

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched its Ad Selection API for the Edge browser. This API aims to deliver ads that match the users' interests without using any third-party cookies or cross-site tracking tools. This is part of a larger trend to get rid of third-party cookies, which have been essential for digital advertising but also pose serious privacy risks.

The Ad Selection API is Microsoft's answer to the privacy issues of old-fashioned cookie-based ad targeting. It works well with 's Protected Audiences API, but it also strives to balance content quality and innovation in the ad industry. The Ad Selection API stands out for using differential privacy and k-anonymity, which are ways to protect user privacy.

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