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X Reduces Cost of Organization Verification to Attract More Twitter Subscribers

X slashes business verification price with new "$200 gold checkmark" tier, hoping to woo smaller firms and boost platform engagement.


X, the platform formerly known as , has introduced a new pricing tier for its Verified Organizations service. Aimed at smaller businesses, the “basic” tier offers a gold checkmark badge and several additional benefits at a reduced cost of $200 per month—a significant decrease from the $1,000 per month required for full access.

Strategic Pricing Adjustment

The decision to introduce a lower-priced tier illustrates a strategic shift for X, which may be responding to a less than anticipated number of businesses subscribing to the higher-priced plan. By creating a more financially accessible option, the platform endeavors to broaden its appeal and increase participation among smaller organizations seeking validation and the benefits that come with verification.

Verification on platforms like X is crucial for businesses, as it adds a layer of trust and authenticity to their online presence. A verified account is typically marked with a distinct badge—a gold checkmark in the case of X—signaling that a recognized authority has confirmed the account's legitimacy. This status can help businesses establish credibility with their audience, protect against impersonation, and often grants access to specialized tools or services offered by the platform.

Enhanced Accessibility for Various Businesses

The new basic tier retains some perks of full verification, although X has not specified which features are included or how they differ from the full access level. By offering a more affordable verification option, the company appears to recognize the diverse financial capabilities of its user base, particularly targeting smaller enterprises that may find the full access cost prohibitive.

X's approach to tiered verification services reflects an ongoing trend in the tech industry, wherein companies offer stratified products and services to better serve and captivate different market segments. This move may encourage a wider range of organizations to seek verification.

The platform has yet to release detailed subscriber numbers or the performance impact of the new pricing structure, but the adjustment to its verification service marks a notable attempt to adapt to user demands and market conditions.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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