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Microsoft Retires Yammer, Rebrands as Viva Engage

Microsoft has retired the Yammer brand and rebranded the platform as Viva Engage, integrating features into the Viva package.


has officially retired the Yammer brand, rebranding the platform as Viva Engage. The change was first announced in February 2023, and the new branding went live on June 29, 2023. The new name reflects the integration of Yammer with Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform that aims to help people connect, focus, learn, and thrive at work.

The Viva Engage rebrand is part of Microsoft's broader Viva employee experience platform. Viva Engage is designed to help employees connect, collaborate, and share knowledge. It includes features such as threaded conversations, live events, and video calling.

Microsoft says that the Viva Engage rebrand will help to simplify the platform and make it easier for employees to use. The new branding also reflects the platform's focus on employee engagement. The Yammer brand will no longer be used after June 29, 2023. However, existing Yammer users will be able to continue using the platform under the new Viva Engage branding.

Viva Engage will also include the community and conversation features that were previously available in Yammer. These are included in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans for enterprise and frontline workers.

Yammer Features that are Available in Viva Engage

  • Announcements: A feature that lets users keep everyone informed and engaged with announcements and notifications across web and mobile apps.
  • Storylines: A feature that lets users create, upload, and share stories with familiar social tools. Users can also follow stories from leaders and coworkers.
  • Questions and answers: This tool helps users learn by posting and pinning questions, upvoting replies, and marking the best answers.
  • Analytics: Using this feature provides detailed insights into every community, event, and conversation to measure activity and engagement and take action.
  • Conversations: A feature that enables users to join the discussion, mention coworkers, pin conversations, and generate dialogue across teams and departments.
  • Virtual events: A feature that brings together leaders and employees in live meetings and events that include video, Q&A sessions, and meaningful conversations.

Microsoft bought Yammer for US$1.2 billion in 2012 and since has been expanding the platform. The platform allows customers to stay connected across organizations. Since the takeover, Microsoft integrated Yammer with SharePoint Team site and Document library. Yammer also received mobile application management through Intune and the ability to edit and share Office documents.

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