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Microsoft Announces Yammer Mobile Application Management via Intune

Yammer's Intune support allows admins to set several different policies on apps, including corporate login details and data flow restrictions.


Protecting company data is all well and good when in the office, but what about when your users are on the move? The workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, and with it comes a big security question.

finally has an answer to that question with Yammer.'s Intune integration. The new update allows admins to protect data on an app-level without MDM device enrollment.

Yammer apps can now each have different policies. Admins can apply a pin, limit data sharing and remotely wipe data. The full list is available here.

The new features essentially mean that bring your own device situations are more manageable. Admins don't need to have access to user's devices personally to keep data safe.

Team Viewer Support for Intune

You may have missed it last week, but Microsoft is now partnered with TeamViewer. The tool will be integrated into Intune through a dedicated connector in the Admin console.

TeamView is a cross-platform remote control desktop software. The service allows users to share desktops, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers.

Microsoft explained what this means for admins in a blog post:

“Your end users can use the Intune Center on their PCs to request remote assistance, and they'll receive help from your help desk through a TeamViewer connection. All of the TeamViewer features are available to use during your remote session including chat, remote restart, video, screen annotation, file transfer, and more.”

In addition, Intune now supports Xamarin. They took the wrappers off the app SDK support, and this comes with some advantages. Cheif among them is the ability to prevent data loss on iOS and .

The app SDK and its plugins are available on GitHub. The component supports Xamarin Cycle 7 and above. Combined with the Yammer update, Xamarin will make sure mobile users are more secure than ever.

You can download the latest version of Yammer for iOS here and  Android from the Google Play store. Microsoft also has support documentation available to help you adjust to the new changes.

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