Back at its Inspire 2022 event in August, Microsoft announced a new component to its Microsoft Viva service range. Specifically, Viva Engage, which essentially serves as a workplace social platform. Since that launch, Engage has sat alongside Yammer Communities. However, Microsoft now says that Yammer is being rebranded and will fold into Viva Engage.

That means the communication and workplace organization app Microsoft acquired in 2012 will no longer exist as a separate entity. Starting in March 2023, the Yammer mobile app on iOS and Android, as well as the Communities app in Outlook will get an update to change the brand.

Microsoft points out that as Yammer becomes Viva Engage, the service will lose none of its features. In fact, Microsoft says Viva Engage will continue to receive new features:

  • Leadership Corner: This upcoming feature offers a special section of Viva Engage that allows leaders to connect directly with employees. Here they can help to improve workplace relationships and enter into resource groups. There will also be an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Q&A section.
  • Campaigns: Another new feature heading to Viva Engage users is campaigns, which allows leaders to manage charitable drives and other philanthropic initiatives within an organization.
  • Advanced Analytics: Engage is also receiving more in-depth analytics tools, allowing users to see deeper into their data and metrics. This is possible through custom data ranges that detail engagement reach.

Microsoft and Yammer

Microsoft bought Yammer for US$1.2 billion in 2012 and since has been expanding the platform. The platform allows customers to stay connected across organizations. Since the takeover, Microsoft integrated Yammer with SharePoint Team site and Document library.

Yammer also received mobile application management through Intune and the ability to edit and share Office documents.

While Yammer has remained a part of Microsoft’s communication and collaboration tools for business, it has not been a forefront service for the company. It is worth noting Microsoft insists it is not killing off Yammer and that the rebranding is simply an evolution of the service.

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