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HoloLens’ First Generation Won’t Be Getting Any More OS Updates

The HoloLens development edition won't be getting the Windows 10 May 2019 update, nor will it get any after that. Instead, Microsoft will only deliver security and stability fixes.


has confirmed that the original HoloLens won't be getting any major OS updates. As spotted by Windows Central, the company's May 2019 release notes state that the device is now in the Long Term Service (LTS) branch.

“HoloLens (1st gen) is entering Long Term Servicing (LTS) state. Future updates will focus on issue and security fixes, while maintaining feature parity with the October 2018 release for HoloLens (also known as RS5),” reads the documentation.

For users of the device, this means no new features, with the device quickly becoming outdated compared to the rest of the OS. Still, while this sounds like Microsoft axing yet another service, that's not really accurate.

HoloLens 1 was launched as a developer device. It was a way for game and app creators to get an early look at emerging technology and how they can build tech for it. They don't particularly need the latest Windows update to do so, and those looking for the most feature-rich experience will grab a HoloLens 2, which will also have emulator support.

Still, this won't be particularly welcome news for the estimated 50,000+ people who did purchase the headset. Microsoft can't be expected to support devices indefinitely, but many would expect longer than a few years given its $3500 price tag.

Meanwhile, the Windows 10 May 2019 update brought updates for Mixed Reality that HoloLens users will be missing out on. Users can launch classic Win32 apps, opening the ability to interact with various web browsers and software.

Assumedly, this functionality will be available to when it launches for the enterprise later this year. Its launch is expected alongside 19H2, which is likely to bring further Mixed Reality additions.

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