Microsoft announces Microsoft Teams global availability

In the details about all the different sessions that will be happening throughout Build 2017, Microsoft has revealed that it will unveil Adobe integration for Microsoft Teams at the conference. The Redmond giant published the key details last Thursday, however, it has pulled them all since then.

Despite Microsoft pulling the details from the public, MSPowerUser grabbed a screenshot which proves that the company will indeed hold an Adobe-Microsoft Teams session.

During that session, Adobe developers will elaborate on how easily they integrated the Adobe Creative Cloud and the Adobe Document Cloud, into Teams.

Furthermore, Microsoft noted in the -now unavailable- details that there will be a live demonstration, showing where Adobe integration for Microsoft Teams can help. According to the details, here are some key elements of the Adobe-Teams collaboration:

  • Tab and input extensions enable teams to access, share, and collaborate on assets from Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Teams can send and track Adobe Sign agreements using bot and tab
  • Users and teams will get notified within a channel when there are any updates

In addition, speakers from Adobe will discuss development details which include how they leveraged the Microsoft Teams extensibility framework, the Adobe Creative Cloud API, and the Adobe Document Cloud API, to achieve this integration.

Build 2017: What to expect

Of course, the Adobe-Microsoft Teams session will not be the only interesting one at Build 2017 (10-12 May, Seattle). Microsoft is expected to hold several sessions throughout its developer conference, which will run at the Washington State Convention Center.

So far, we know for sure that the company will host sessions on the Cortana development kit. The Cortana Skills Kit will come to life in Seattle next week, on Wednesday 10 May and Thursday 11 May, with several sessions.

If you are unfamiliar with the service, it allows developers to build news apps and features with Cortana in mind. It is a cross-platform service that will be available on Android, iOS, Xbox, Windows, and any upcoming Cortana-powered hardware.

In addition, Microsoft will be streaming live throughout Build 2017. Among these live streams will be the keynote announcements, product reveals, tech sessions, lectures, and more. Specifically, for Windows developers, Microsoft says Build 2017 will provide the following:

  • Improvements that help you immediately engage your users with beautiful UI and natural inputs
  • Team collaboration and connectedness to streamline and improve your development experience
  • Services that make it easier to reach customers and learn what they want from your software
  • Connected screens and experiences that make your end-to-end experience stickier and more engaging
  • Mixed reality and creating deeply immersive experiences