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Player-Organized Tournaments: Microsoft Launches Competitive Feature for Xbox One Insiders

The player-organized tournaments feature for Arena has begun rolling out to Insiders and can be accessed via the Xbox beta app on PC. It's joined by several other tweaks, including a visual overlay for party chats.


The Creator's update brings a ton of great features to the console. recently introduced Beam integration to the platform, as well as Arena mode. That last feature lets developers create their own e-sports tournaments, but the Creators Update will soon extend that ability to players.

Users will be able to organize tournaments via Clubs, introducing a new, social element within their interest groups. However, the feature has a couple of requirements. Naturally, you have to be an Xbox Insider, but you'll also need a Windows 10 PC.

Tournaments can be arranged via the beta version of the Xbox app. You could see a ‘Create Tournament' button under the Club tab of the latest release. It's a bit of hassle, but that's expected for an early build. You'll also be limited to Killer Instinct tournaments, so it might not be much use yet anyway.

Future Additions and Party Chat Overlay

Thankfully, Microsoft plans to extend the player-organized tournaments to other games soon. The popular (and free) World of Tanks game will be coming soon, followed by Halo Wars 2 and Smite.

The Arena mode is looking like it will be a positive addition going forward, but there are some other, more immediate changes. As with many PC VoIP clients, players will now see who's talking in game.

It's a minor addition but should have all kinds of uses. The Xbox platform is starting to get a bigger community focus, and no doubt players will be meeting more strangers. It's not always easy to identify new people by their voice, and the knock on is more coordinated gameplay.

It combines with the ability to share Arena history on your profile, sharing of Looking for Group Posts, and captive portal support for WiFi. Finally, Beam or Twitch streamers will be able to program the connect to find them automatically.

These features will start rolling out today and should be with everyone by the end of the month. You can read the full notes on the Major Nelson blog.


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