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Microsoft Project Scorpio Specs Could be Revealed This Week

A new report suggests one outlet has been given access to Project Scorpio and will announce the console’s specifications this week. Microsoft has previously said it will detail the device before its full launch at E3 2017.


We already know that the full launch of 's Xbox console is a few months away. The full reveal is going to happen at E3 2017. However, Microsoft chief Phil Spencer has said that the company may discuss the device in-depth ahead of that event. A new report suggests that may start this week.

Windows Central says a “major gaming outlet” has been given access to Project Scorpio by Microsoft. This includes a closer look at the specs of the console. The outlet is going to reveal those specs in what the report calls an “exclusive blowout of coverage”.

Of course, any rumor such as this needs to come with the caveat that it should be treated with a pinch of salt. That said, the guys at Windows Central have been on the button for a lot of Project Scorpio news.

If true, I would expect Microsoft has given permission for the major outlet to announce this information. The most exciting thing would be that we will get to see the exact specs of the Project Scorpio. I doubt very much that we will see the final design of the console this far away from its launch.

Project Scorpio Specs

Back in January, a lot of the specs for the console were leaked. Again, this was a report from Windows Central and the revealed specs certainly matched up to what Microsoft has already said.

The company has discussed Project Scorpio just enough, teasing the console, offering details of its potential. Yet, we still know little about the overall product.

With the leak, we learned that Microsoft will remove the ESRAM cache that the Xbox One is reliant on. Scorpio will also have a compute power 4.5 times more than the current console. Microsoft has already confirmed the device will get 6TFLOPs for horsepower and an octa-core CPU.

Earlier today, we reported that Microsoft has already sent developers early Project Scorpio units. While dev's are now creating games, the full potential of the console is still not available to them. The company will boost the performance through Xbox Developer Kit (XDK) updates in May and June.

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