Microsoft Has Already Given Developers Project Scorpio at a Cost of Performance

Developer units of Project Scorpio are already being used by game dev’s. However, the console is currently operating below its potential, something Microsoft will fix through May and June Xbox Developer Kit updates.

Xbox project scorpio E  official Microsoft press show

raised half a curtain on the new Xbox called at E3 2016. However, while the company has been keeping us updated about the device, it is still shrouded in plenty of mystery. Ahead of the big reveal, Microsoft is already giving developers the chance to create for Project Scorpio, but with one significant caveat. While we are still waiting to see what Project Scorpio will look like, we know a lot about its innards. We also know in terms of it will arrive with 10 on board. However, we are still not sure the full capabilities of the console. Some developers are already getting a taste of what the machine can do. Microsoft has issued developer kits, according to Windows Central. This means dev's are already creating games for Scorpio, likely leveraging the device's native 4K capabilities. However, developers may have early examples of the console, but they are not getting the full shebang. It is being reported that the dev kit Project Scorpio's are operating comfortably below what the console is capable of. Project Scorpio will be a powerhouse when it arrives. The console has 320 GBs of memory bandwidth, an 8-core CPU, 6 TFLOPS GPU power and VR support and full quality 4K at 60 frames / second.

Project Scorpio After Launch

Microsoft seems to be letting developers test the waters and get a taste for the console. The company will issue an update in May that will bring the test units closer to operational performance. The May Xbox Development Kit (XDK) will bring Scorpio up to around 80% to 90%. The company will launch the device fully at E3 on June. By then, Project Scorpio will be up to its full potential in terms of performance. Developers will still have plenty to time to finalize their games as Microsoft will not roll out the product until the Holiday Season.