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Microsoft Updates Bing Maps V8 with Multiple Map Support

The Autumn Update for Bing Maps V8 also adds Cardinal Splines and US Census Data. Microsoft has been developing the feature set of the service over the last year, giving developers more tools for implementing maps into their apps.


has announced a new update for Bing Maps Version 8 web control (V8). The company has rolled out the Fall Update for the service. There are several new features coming with this release, while Microsoft has also squashed some bugs and enhanced performance.

Bing Maps V8 is a tool for introducing Bing Mapping in applications. This has always been possible, but with V8 web control the process is much easier. Developers can use less code and get improved performance on a HTML5 canvas.

Microsoft says the service delivers render vector data 10 times faster than previous methods. This allows more data to be viewed through thousands of shape renders.

Among the new additions to Bing Maps V8 is support for multiple maps. In some cases, apps want to use more than one map. To achieve this, V8 web control now allows more than one map to be loaded on a single screen.

Below is the full changelog:

  • Cardinal Splines: The Spatial Math module has a new function that calculates a cardinal spline that passes through a specified array of locations. Try it now.
  • Multiple Map Support: Some applications will sometimes want to display two or more maps on a single page. With this release, the Bing Maps V8 web control now supports loading multiple map instances on a single page.
  • US Census Data: The Bing Maps team has made 2010 US Census data available through the Bing Spatial Data Services for easy use in your application. This data has been exposed through 4 different data sources, each containing census data based on a different type of geographical region; states, counties, ZCTA5 (Zip code tabulation area), and the 111th Congressional districts.
  • Route Path Locations: When you calculate a route using the directions manager, you can now easily get an array of locations that make up the route path. This is useful if you want to create a custom styled route line on the map, or if you want to perform route-based calculations such as search for data along or near a route. Combine this with the Bing Maps REST elevation service and easily generate route elevation profiles. This is documented as part of the Route response object here.

Bing Maps V8 in 2016

Microsoft launched several updates for the web control service during last year. In August, the company introduced Typescript Definitions in V8. The feature allows developers to easily find issues in Maps before they grow and become serious within an application.

Updates for Bing Maps V8 in August and September introduced a number of new features and tools. Later, Microsoft brought Data Binning and Contour Lines to the service.

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