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Bing Maps V8 Now Supports TypeScript Definitions

Microsoft has released TypeScript Definitions for Bing Maps V8. The service helps developers find issues in their code that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. Bing Maps V8 was released in June, helping uses code Microsoft’s maps service into their apps.


rolled out V8 Web Control to developers in a final release in June. The service is designed to allow dev's the ability to integrate Bing Maps into their applications. This week the company has made TypeScript Definitions available in the service, bring more functionality to the software.

Developers have always been able to place Bing Maps into their applications. However, the launch of Bing Maps V8 Web Control made the process a whole lot easier. It provided an easier coding method, and the release of TypeScript Definitions will ease the process more.

This release means dev's can find problems with Bing Maps in their applications before they become serious. There is no real upshot for end users in terms of any features, but it means Bing Maps is more likely to work cleanly in an app.

Microsoft announced the TypeScript Definitions release in a blog post. The company explains how the superset allows static classes, typing, and interfaces. Available as an add-on, TypeScript uses InelliSense and auto-complete in coding to root out issues that may be unnoticed.

The company has also made the service open source. It is available in GitHub right now, so developers can play with it and change TypeScript if they want.

Bing Maps V8

If you are still not on board with Bing Maps V8 Web Control, it is worth checking out. The service means developers need less code and get a better performance from a HTML5 canvas. Microsoft says this allows users to render vector data 10 times faster. More data can be viewed thanks to the support of thousands of shape renders.

Check out the full feature set of Bing Maps V8:

  • “New Map Styles – A Greyscale and Dark map styles, which are better suited for data visualization in business intelligence type scenarios.
  • Spatial Geometry Math – Calculate intersections and union shapes. Generate convex and concave hulls, Voronoi diagrams and much more.
  • TypeScript definitions – TypeScript is an excellent language when developing large scale web apps. In fact, we used TypeScript to develop Bing Maps V8. We will be making the TypeScript definitions available so you can easily use Bing Maps V8 in your TypeScript app.
  • Data Binning Layer – Data binning, also known as hex binning, is a common type of data visualization that is used in charts. However, when used with maps, it provides an engaging visualization that combines the power of heat maps and clustering.
  • Image filters – In addition to having two new map styles you can also apply image filters against the base maps as well to customize the map to look the way you want.
  • Export Map as an Image – Being able to visualize your data on a map is great, but this feature makes it easy to share an image of that map with others. Add it to a report, email it, or put it in a presentation.”
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