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The Windows 10 product key can be changed manually to solve activation problems. If you have a legal product key at hand, we show you how to change it.

A) How to Change the Product Key using Windows 10 Settings
B) Changing the Windows 10 Product Key in the System Control Panel
C) Changing the Product Key with a Command Prompt (CMD)

A) Changing Product Key Using Settings

Click on Start Menu and tap on Settings.
Click on Activation on the left and tap on Change product key from the right sidebar.

In the Product key, type your Product Key Number.


Click on Next.


If everything goes well and you see the following window that Windows 10 is activated then you are running a new genuine version of Windows.


B) Changing the Windows 10 Product Key in the System Control Panel

To open System, right click on Start Menu and click on System or press the key Window + Pause/Break.
Click on Change product key.

Type in your Product Key Number which has 25 digits.


Click on Next.


When you see the following window, it means Windows successfully was activated with the changed product key.


C) Changing the Product Key with a Command Prompt (CMD)

Open a Command Prompt by pressing Window + R and type cmd then click on OK. Type the following command into the Command Prompt and press Enter.

slmgr /ipk Product Key Number

(You need to type a 25 digit number. In our tutorial we use the example: QR9VK-VTNMT-QCY43-2FMYP-WTVCK)


If you proceed well, Windows will inform you with a short message.