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Zoom Events Launches to Enhance Virtual Networks

The new Zoom Events tool provides virtual networking tools to improve the remote work integration experience for users.

Pwn2Own Hacking Contest Shows Flaws in Windows 10, Exchange Server, Zoom, and Chrome

Over three days Pwn2Own hacking context, numerous vulnerabilities were found across a range of popular tech services.

Zoom to Target Microsoft Teams with Email and Calendar Services

Zoom wants to delve more deeply into collaboration, where Microsoft Teams resides, with email tools coming in 2021.
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Microsoft Teams and Zoom Come to Raspberry Pi OS

Raspberry Pi OS is getting an important update that adds support for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, whiling removing Flash support.

Microsoft Offering Bonuses to Microsoft Teams Employees Helping to Beat Zoom

Microsoft wants Microsoft Teams to compete directly against Zoom and is offering bonuses to employees who achieve “core priorities.”

Microsoft Targets Zoom, Brings Skype Meet Now to Windows 10

Meet Now allows Windows 10 users to access Skype meetings directly within the operating system by clicking an icon link.

Zoom Hardware as a Service Arrives in the United States

Zoom Phone Hardware as a Service is a new service that aims to provide Zoom with growth potential through a subscription platform.

Google Meet to Get Custom Backgrounds to Match Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Google has revealed Google Meet will get custom backgrounds in an upcoming update that will equal Microsoft and Zoom’s feature.

Zoom Won’t Use Encryption on Free Account and Will Pass Data to Law Enforcement

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan says the company won’t use end-to-end encryption on free accounts and will work with the FBI.
Microsoft announces Microsoft Teams global availability

Microsoft Teams to Target Zoom with Support for 49 Video Participants

Microsoft is working on a feature for Microsoft Teams that will allow 49 users to take part in a video call, matching Zoom’s limit.

Germany’s Tough Stance Against Zoom and WhatsApp Has Left Users Confused

Regulators in Germany are warning users away from Zoom, WhatsApp, and other communication platforms, while banning some from public offices.

Facebook’s Zoom Competitor Messenger Rooms Launches

Facebook Messenger Rooms has debuted in three nations and will roll out worldwide next week to compete with Zoom.
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Zoom and Microsoft Teams Amongst Apps Targeted By COVID-19 Hackers

Check Point Research says users of Microsoft Teams and Zoom are being targeted by false domain attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Google Meet Becomes Free, Targets Zoom

Google Meet is looking to rival video communication platform Zoom with a new free tier available to all users soon.

Facebook’s Upcoming Messenger Rooms Aims Directly for Zoom

Messenger Rooms is Facebook’s answer to Zoom, with the added benefit people can enter group video chats without needing an account.

Zoom Now Has 300 Million Users, Announces Update to Tackle Security Concerns

Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan says the company’s user base as increased to 300 million each day, up from 10 million just months ago.
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Microsoft Teams’ Latest Ad Highlights Security as Zoom Credentials Leak

Microsoft Teams has highlighted its foothold in healthcare, police, and universities as its competitor is hit with major security concerns.

Zoom Announces New Data Center Choice for Paid Customers

Paid customers on Zoom will soon be able to choose a specific data center following criticisms the app was moving meetings through China.

Zoom Problems Escalate as Half A Million User Credentials Are Found Online

Researchers found the credentials for 530,000 Zoom users online, including emails addresses and passwords from major organizations.

Google Has Banned Employees from Using Zoom

Google is the latest company to ban the use of Zoom amongst its staff as security concerns mount around the increasingly popular app.


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