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Zoom and Microsoft Teams Amongst Apps Targeted By COVID-19 Hackers

Check Point Research says users of Microsoft Teams and Zoom are being targeted by false domain attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Hackers are once again targeting that have become hugely popular amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Security firm Check Point Research published a report that shows bad actors are registering domains posing as URLs related to Google Meet, Teams, and Zoom.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the communication market has become one of the hottest in tech. All major players have seen their service enjoy significant increase, such as and Slack. On the video side of the communication, Zoom has enjoyed more growth than rivals, leaving the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Facebook playing catch up.

Alongside increased popularity of apps, attackers have inevitable upped their targeting of communication services. In the last ploy, hackers are making domains that pose as official links from the likes of Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Unwitting users could click the links and download malware or give away personal information. Check Point Research says 2,449 domains related to Zoom have been registered, 32 are deemed malicious and 320 suspicious. Researchers also confirmed one instance of phishing related to a domain pretending to be official from Microsoft Teams.

Zoom Attacks

Checkpoint says Zoom seems to be the target of most attacks:

“As working from home is now the norm for a majority of people during the pandemic, we have reported previously how cyber criminals were using fake Zoom domains for their phishing activity. In fact, in the last 3 weeks alone, around 2,500 new Zoom-related domains were registered (2,449). 1.5% of these domains are malicious (32) and other 13% are suspicious (320). Since January 2020 to date, a total of 6,576 Zoom-related domains have been registered globally.”

Zoom has addressed its security troubles with a focus on shoring up the platform. In recent months, Zoom's growth has been tempered by a series of issues that have plagued the platform. For example, bad actors have been infiltrating meetings and ZoomBoming participants. The company also removed data sharing with Facebook over concerns regarding GDPR rules.

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