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Apple Ready to Join the VR Party with Headset Launch in 2022

Apple has been one of the big tech hold outs in the VR space, but that could change in 2022 with the launch of a VR headset.

Apple Has Accquired Mixed Reality Headset Startup Vrvana for $30 Million, Say Reports

Vrvana, creator of the Totem headset, has allegedly joined Apple, with some employees already working in California for the company. It's unclear what this will mean for the development of its ongoing projects.
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Apple to take on Microsoft Hololens and others with its very own VR headset

After acquiring several VR related startups and adding VR industry experts to its payroll, Apple is reportedly using a secret research unit to work on bringing a new VR headset.

Apple MR Headset to Have 8K Screens and Cost $3,000

More information about the Apple VR headset coming in 2022 suggests over 12 cameras and new eye and hand-tracking tech.

Analyst: Apple to Debut iPhone-Powered AR Headset in 2020

According to new information, Apple is preparing an augmented reality headset that will be tethered to iPhone or iPad.

Minecraft Earth Gets First Full Gameplay Demo at Apple’s WWDC

Minecraft Earth's first live gameplay showcased the collaborative aspect of the AR game while delving into emerging tech like person occlusion, powered by Apple's ARKit.

Apple Acquires Akonia Holographics, an Augmented Reality Display Startup

Apple's acquisition of Akonia Holographics seems to indicate a serious play for the Augmented Reality market, lining up with earlier rumors. The details of the deal are not known.

Google and IMAX ‘Pause Work’ on 360-Degree VR Camera for Film

Google and IMAX have stopped work on their VR camera, which was planned to be high-quality, 3D, and have a 360-degree field of view. IMAX will also think about the future of its VR centres.

Apple Mac Sales Tumble as Windows 10 Drives PC Market Resurgence

Despite the first increase in the PC market for half a decade, Mac sales reached an eight-year low as Apple’s own strategies failed and Windows 10 improved.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 to Power Xtended Reality Standalone VR

Xtended Reality (XR) is powered by Snapdragon 845 and allows developers to create headsets that are not reliant on a base device. Improved performance will allow real-object detection and avoidance.
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Injury Report Leak May Hint at Apple’s Plans for Augmented Reality Glasses

The Apple injury reports detail laser-based injuries that an inside source says could be from augmented reality goggles. It also suggests upcoming ski and snowboard tracking for the Apple Watch.
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Microsoft’s Surface Strategy: Influencing Surface Phone, Inspiring OEMs, and Looking to Apple and Google

While the Surface Phone remains unconfirmed, if the smartphone arrives it will follow a very clear strategy Microsoft has created. That strategy has been influenced by Apple’s focus on premium-only hardware and Google’s position of helping OEMs to achieve the best hardware results for its platform.
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Minecraft Coming to Apple TV Tim Cook Confirms

Microsoft’s all-conquering Minecraft will be available on Apple TV soon, said Tim Cook. It is likely that Minecraft Pocket Edition will come to the set top box.
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Microsoft Research FlashBack Tool Allows High-End VR on Modest Devices

The latest project from the folks at Microsoft Research is FlashBack, and new way form reproducing high-quality virtual reality on underpowered hardware.
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Oculus Rift Exclusive to Windows "Until Apple Makes Good Computer"

The co-founder of Oculus has said the Rift virtual headset will only work on Windows PC, and in the process burned Apple over not having a good computer.
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Bill Gates Picks a Side: Agrees with FBI in Privacy Row with Apple

The Microsoft co-founder added that the standoff between Apple and the FBI should spark a wider debate about government data requests.

Facebook Is Building a New OS with the Help of a Windows NT Co-Author

Facebook is looking to grow its empire with a custom OS known as Orion. Lead by Windows NT co-author Mark Lucovsky, it's designed to reduce the company's reliance on third parties.

Report: Facebook’s TV Will Release This Fall after Talks with Netflix, Disney, Amazon

Facebook video calling TV is reportedly code-named Catalina and will launch with its Camera equipped smart speaker, Portal, and possibly support for various streaming services.

Microsoft’s iOS Spectator View Gives Users a Window to the Mixed Reality World

Spectator View for iOS lets users see into Mixed Reality with just a phone, recording the visuals, adding anti-aliasing, and streaming it live to an Apple TV.

Oculus Rift Extends Avatar Support to Windows Mixed Reality

Following an earlier promise to embrace rival platforms, Oculus Rift Avatars are now available to dev’s on Windows Mixed Reality and HTC Vive.


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