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Microsoft Unveils OneNote App for Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset

Microsoft's OneNote app launches for Apple Vision Pro headset, offering familiar note-taking features with hands-free gesture control.


has officially launched its OneNote application for the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. This move comes as part of Microsoft's ongoing support for the , aiming to enrich the device's utility with popular productivity tools. The OneNote app carries over many functionalities familiar to iPad users, tailored to leverage the unique capabilities of the Vision Pro headset.

Feature Integration and Future Plans

The OneNote application for Vision Pro allows users to interact with the app using a traditional keyboard and mouse connected via Bluetooth. Additionally, it supports hands-free operation through the headset's hand gesture technology, offering an immersive experience in note-taking and content management. Microsoft has committed to further developing the app, with plans to introduce Copilot support and two-factor authentication, facilitated by the integration of the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Availability and Broader Office Suite Support

Currently, OneNote for Vision Pro is accessible to personal Microsoft accounts and work accounts not managed by an organization. This follows Microsoft's initial announcement in June 2023, coinciding with Apple's unveiling of the Vision Pro, to bring its Office suite—including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Teams—to the mixed reality platform. When the Vision Pro hit the market in February at a retail price of $3,499, it already featured support for these essential Office applications. As prepares to disclose its quarterly financial results on May 2, stakeholders are keenly awaiting insights into the Vision Pro's market performance during its initial months of availability.

By integrating widely used applications like OneNote into the Vision Pro, Microsoft not only enhances the device's appeal to professionals and educators but also sets a precedent for future software development in mixed reality environments.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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