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Microsoft Unlocks GPT-4 Turbo for Copilot Users at No Cost

Microsoft gives free Copilot users access to powerful GPT-4 Turbo AI, democratizing advanced AI technology.


has improved the capabilities of its Copilot generative AI chatbot by making the OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo large language model (LLM) accessible to all free-tier users. This enhancement, showcased by Microsoft's head for Advertising and Web Services, , through a statement on X (formerly known as Twitter), marks a significant shift in the availability of advanced AI technology to a wider audience. The integration of Turbo into the free version of exemplifies Microsoft's commitment to democratizing AI technology.

Previously, the utilization of required a subscription to Microsoft's Copilot Pro service, priced at $20 monthly. This model, introduced by Microsoft's generative AI partner OpenAI in November 2023, distinguishes itself by facilitating a larger 128L context window. This capability enables users to engage with the AI using text prompts that could extend up to 300 pages, enhancing the depth and breadth of interactions significantly.

Innovative Tools and Broadened Access

The transition to GPT-4 Turbo for free Copilot users represents not just a technological upgrade but also a strategic move to broaden the utility and appeal of Microsoft's AI offerings. Copilot Pro subscribers, who initially had exclusive access to this advanced model, retain the option to revert to the older GPT-4 LLM, thanks to a toggle feature introduced by Microsoft. This choice underscores Microsoft's flexible approach to user experience, catering to diverse preferences and requirements.

Moreover, the Copilot team's endeavors extend beyond upgrading AI chatbot models. A recent introduction, the Copilot GPT Builder, empowers Pro users to create customized . This tool, which necessitates no prior programming knowledge, enables the creation of chatbots tailored to answer specific questions on targeted subjects. Impressively, these custom chatbots can be shared with anyone, including non-Copilot Pro users, across mobile devices and PCs, fostering innovation and collaboration.

Future Prospects and Integrations

The Copilot innovation trajectory hints at further enhancements, with leaked promotional materials from Samsung suggesting upcoming features that might include improved integration between Copilot and Microsoft's Phone Link app, particularly with 's Galaxy smartphones. Such advancements indicate a forward-looking approach from Microsoft, aiming to integrate its AI solutions more deeply into the user's digital ecosystem.

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