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Microsoft Unveils Copilot GPT Builder for Copilot Pro Subscribers

Copilot Pro lets users build custom chatbots with Microsoft's new GPT Builder. Build interactively or configure directly


has confirmed the launch of its Copilot GPT Builder feature, which is now available to all subscribers of Pro. The announcement comes after a series of hints from Microsoft executives on social media platforms, unveiling that the company was gearing up to broaden the accessibility of their latest AI tool. Copilot GPT Builder introduces an avenue for users to create custom chatbots, tailored to individual specifications and requirements.

Innovative Tool for Enhanced AI Customization

At its core, Copilot GPT Builder allows users to construct custom versions of the Copilot AI, programmed with specific instructions and documentation to refine chat responses. Microsoft has designed this feature with a user-friendly interface, offering two distinctive paths for creating these personalized AI . Subscribers can choose to embark on the building process interactively within the ‘Creative' tab or opt for a more direct approach through the ‘Configure' tab. This flexibility caters to varying levels of expertise and involvement in the creation process, ensuring a broad appeal.

Microsoft emphasizes that while the GPT Builder operates exclusively on PCs, the bespoke chatbots produced can be shared and utilized across both PC and mobile platforms, broadening the tool's applicability. In an interesting twist, Microsoft also confirms that non-subscribers will have the ability to engage with these custom chatbots, provided they are shared by a Copilot Pro user. This aspect introduces a communal edge to the Copilot Pro offering, underscoring the company's intention to foster a more interconnected and collaborative user experience.

Subscription Details and User Engagement

The company has pegged the subscription cost for Copilot Pro at $20 per month, packaging together access to the GPT Builder, the use of OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo—the latest in powerful language model technology—and integration with Microsoft's suite of productivity applications. User interest in this new feature has already begun to manifest, with early adopters sharing their unique chatbot creations, such as a ‘Bread Assistant' designed to field any and all bread-related inquiries.

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