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Microsoft Unveils Customizable AI Chatbots with Copilot GPTs

Microsoft's Copilot GPT Builder allows Microsoft 365 customers to create their own AI GPTs and monetize them.


has launched an initiative to offer personalized AI chatbots through Copilot GPTs. The technology, aimed at enriching user interaction, allows customization of to deliver specific information on a wide array of topics.

Copilot GPT Builder: A New Horizon for Customization

Building upon the current trends in artificial intelligence, Microsoft announces its Copilot GPT Builder app, set to redefine user engagement with specialized AI. With its forthcoming release, Pro subscribers will gain the ability to craft their chatbots using this intuitive tool. Although details on the app's functionality and supported platforms remain undisclosed, the move underscores Microsoft's commitment to facilitating bespoke to meet diverse user needs. Copilot GPT Builder promises to usher in a new era of personalized information accessibility, albeit specifics on user ease-of-use and deployment platforms are eagerly anticipated.

Leveraging AI for Diverse Domains

The initial slate of custom GPTs spans various subjects, from fitness and travel to culinary arts, enabling users to attain expert-like responses in their fields of interest. These pre-configured bots are immediately available for use, portending the advent of a more personalized digital landscape where information retrieval becomes seamless. With the enhancement to the Copilot Pro service, priced at $20 monthly, subscribers will not only access pre-made GPTs but will also have the privilege to forge their unique tailored to their preferences or business requirements.

In stride with 's developments, Microsoft may yet reveal strategies for creators to monetize their custom GPTs. OpenAI has recently inaugurated a GPT store, where creators will have the opportunity to earn revenue starting later in Q1 2024. The incentive for AI developers to share and capitalize on their tailored chatbots underscores the burgeoning gig economy within the AI sector. As the narrative of custom AI unfolds, Microsoft's alignment with revenue-generating mechanisms for creators of Copilot GPTs remains to be seen, forging a potentially lucrative symbiosis between creators and corporate AI ecosystems.

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