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Microsoft Introduces Copilot Pro: A New Subscription Service Elevating AI Capabilities

Microsoft unlocks AI power for all! $20 Copilot Pro brings speed, model choice, and image-generating magic to Word, Excel, and beyond.


has launched Copilot Pro, a premium subscription service targeting individual users seeking advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools to enhance their productivity. For a monthly price of $20, the service offers an enriched experience with prioritized access to cutting-edge AI models, including OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo, ensuring expedited performance, even during peak usage times. Subscribers can experience faster processing and have the ability to switch among various models for an optimized interaction.

Initially launched exclusively for Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 enterprise plans in November 2023 targeted large corporations. At the time, it was also known as Copilot before being rebranded as Copilot for Microsoft 365 in December. Microsoft also announced that the AI is becoming available to business customers of all sizes

Integrated AI in Office

integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote across Windows, macOS, and iPad platforms. Although at present it is in preview and supports only English, the tool allows users to directly input their requests into the app. An active Microsoft 365 subscription is required to utilize Copilot in these applications, providing features like email summarizations and task , which aim to streamline the user's workflow.

Enhanced Creativity and Customization

The service further enhances creative tasks by offering 100 image generation boosts per day through Designed, also known as Bing Image Creator. Customers benefit from quicker image generation, higher detail outputs, and additional support for landscape mode. Looking ahead, Microsoft plans to introduce Copilot GPT Builder, empowering Pro users to construct their personalized AI based on specific needs or topics. An initial set of Copilot GPTs is already on offer, targeting areas such as cooking, travel, and fitness. This forthcoming customization feature promises users a more tailored and novel AI experience, aligning closely with their individual requirements.

In parallel, Microsoft has declared the release of dedicated Copilot applications for iOS and Android devices, enhancing accessibility for users on the go. Small and medium-sized businesses are set to benefit as well, with expanded Copilot features now available without a minimum seat requirement, a move that opens the door for wider adoption across various commercial enterprises.

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