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Microsoft Enhances Windows 365 with Customer Lockbox Feature for Enhanced Privacy

Microsoft introduced Windows 365 Customer Lockbox, allowing organizations to control data access by Microsoft support.


has unveiled a new addition to its Windows 365 service, aimed at granting users increased control over their Cloud PCs. The newly introduced Windows 365 Customer Lockbox feature now permits organizations to maintain tighter control over their data, mitigating the need for unrestricted Microsoft support access. This update provides a significant boost to privacy and control for businesses leveraging Cloud PCs for remote work solutions.

During July 2021, Microsoft introduced Windows 365 Cloud PC, a virtual version of the OS available in the cloud. In August of the same year, Microsoft matured Cloud PC with the launch of Windows 365 brings the Windows platform to Microsoft cloud through Azure. 

How the Customer Lockbox Works

The essence of the Customer Lockbox lies in its ability to give organizations the power to approve or deny Microsoft support access requests to their environments. It is an extension of the Customer Lockbox that is already a part of Microsoft 365 in Microsoft Teams. If technical issues arise necessitating Microsoft's intervention, support personnel must now seek explicit permission from Cloud PC's administrators before accessing the service. Administrators can activate this feature through the admin center by navigating to the Org Settings option under the Security & Privacy menu, where they can enable a requirement for approval on all data access requests.

Availability and Accessibility

The Customer Lockbox feature is made available at no additional cost to all organizations enrolled in the Microsoft 365 E5 or Office 365 E5 subscription plans. Furthermore, organizations not subscribed to these E5 plans but wishing to take advantage of this security feature have the option to do so by signing up for an Information Protection and Compliance or an Advanced Compliance add-on feature. Microsoft stipulates that the introduction of the Customer Lockbox aims to bolster the integrity and control organizations have over their data on Cloud PCs, emphasizing their commitment to user privacy and .

This development reinforces Microsoft's dedication to enhancing user experience and security within their cloud computing offerings, specifically catering to the needs of businesses and organizations that have embraced remote work. With the introduction of Customer Lockbox, Microsoft further cements its position as a provider of secure and user-centric cloud solutions.

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