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Microsoft Launches Windows 365 Cloud PC at Inspire Conference

Windows 365 Cloud PC brings Windows 10 and Windows 11 to any device on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and macOS.


's is finally official. As we reported last week, Microsoft Inspire is the venue for the introduction of what Microsoft calls a “new era of hybrid personal computing”. Also, Cloud PC is official known as Cloud PC and is part of .

At Inspire, Microsoft was eager to talk up how Windows 365 Cloud PC is arriving at a perfect time. Over the last year, remote work has become normal as people adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to work wherever and whenever has become important for many organizations and their employees.

It is also a multi-requirement situation. Organizations need solutions that allow for collaboration, remote access, while also maintaining security in a difficult environment. As for employees, they need tools that they are familiar with, are usable, and work across their devices.

Microsoft says Windows 365 Cloud PC meets these demands. It will function on both and Windows 11 and brings Windows to . It brings a secure version of Windows complete with apps, settings, and data, to corporate and personal devices.

In other words, this is Windows on the cloud that can be accessed on any device. Microsoft will leverage Microsoft Azure (Virtual Desktop) to handle the resources. In a way, it is the concept of Project xCloud on Xbox, but instead of gaming, Microsoft will bring Windows streaming to devices.

Era of Cloud Computing

Microsoft says the launch of the solution creates a new product category: Cloud PCs. However, the company points out Windows 365 Cloud PC is not just about providing Windows on remote access. The company says the solution is also about security and productivity.

According to Microsoft, Cloud PC provides a “powerful, simple, and secure full Windows 10 or Windows 11 experience that you can use to empower your workforce, regardless of location of device. Windows 365 provides instant-on boot experience that enables users to steam all their personalized applications, tools, data, and settings from the cloud across any device.”

Speaking of devices, Windows 365 supports Mac, iPadOS, iOS, Android, and Linux hardware. On the platform, it is possible to start a task on device and platform and then pick up where you left off on another.

Microsoft believes it has created Windows 365 Cloud PC for businesses of all sizes. The company will offer several tiers of service based on per-month pricing. These will be offered across two configurations called Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise.

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