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Microsoft Loop Introduces Board Visualization for Enhanced Team Collaboration

Microsoft Loop now lets you turn tables into Kanban boards and other visual formats, offering new ways to manage team projects


Microsoft 365 has enhanced its Microsoft Loop platform with a new feature that allows users to convert Loop tables into Board visualizations, providing an alternative way to view and manage team items. This update offers versatility in data representation, catering to those who prefer board-style templates for organizing information.

Visual Management with Loop

Loop, a workspace for team collaboration, now proffers the ability to change a table-based component into various forms of Board visualizations, such as Kanban Boards and Team Retrospectives. Users opting for this view can access the ‘Switch View' option and select ‘Board' to transition their table into the desired template. This development caters to the varied preferences of teams and individuals for visual management.

Usage Criteria and Availability

The new visualization feature mandates that the users' Loop list contains at least one Text data type and one Label data type column to qualify for conversion into a Board template. Further, users possess the ability to pivot data based on the first Label data type column present in the table. As announced on the 365 Insider blog, this feature has been made available to all subscribers.

Alongside this advancement, Microsoft has also released its Copilot generative AI feature for Microsoft 365, now accessible to all Windows desktop users. These innovations are part of Microsoft's continuous efforts to enhance productivity and collaboration through its suite of applications.

Microsoft Loop Changing Microsoft 365 with Streamlined Services

became widely available in November. Initially introduced at Ignite 2021, Loop has now launched for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium users. Compatible across web, iOS, and  platforms, the app is also accessible to Microsoft 365 consumer customers via mobile apps.

Loop's notable feature is its intelligent search capability that suggests pieces to add to a user's workspace, which then automatically organizes these elements into coherent pages. The aim is to alleviate the clutter typically associated with project management, reducing the time spent searching for relevant documents and information.

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