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Microsoft Loop Components Now Integrate with OneNote for Windows and Web

Microsoft Loop boosts OneNote: shareable lists, tables, tasks join real-time collaboration in your notes.


Microsoft Loop, the company's collaborative workspace solution, has expanded its capabilities to OneNote, the note-taking app available on Windows and the web. Launched in July 2023, Loop enables users to organize their project-related ideas within diverse workspaces. The incorporation of Loop components—checklists, numbered lists, bulleted lists, task lists, tables, and paragraphs—into OneNote was designed to streamline user collaboration, eliminating the need to juggle multiple applications.

Real-time Collaboration in OneNote

The primary objective of this update is to enhance user experience through real-time collaboration directly within OneNote. Microsoft aims to boost productivity by allowing users to integrate shared content such as meeting notes from into their personal notebooks with ease. This consolidation ensures that both shared and individual notes are accessible in a singular location for Insiders, effectively enriching workflows during meetings and collaborative sessions.

Known Issues and Accessibility

Despite the benefits, Microsoft has acknowledged a current issue where OneNote for Windows users might experience delays while scrolling and zooming due to the Loop components. They have assured users that efforts are underway to resolve these performance concerns promptly. Access to these advanced features is available to users of OneNote for the web and to those who are part of the Microsoft 365 Insider Beta Channel. They must be utilizing Version 2401 (Build 17228.10000) or a later version to experience the newly integrated Loop components within OneNote.

Elsewhere in OneNote this month, Microsoft brought gesture-based inking to the app. The multi-tap gesture devised by Microsoft allows users to expand their selection of handwritten notes or drawings with greater ease than before. Utilizing a finger, stylus, or cursor, individuals can tap an initial area of ink they wish to select. Subsequent taps on adjacent ink expand the selection incrementally. 

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