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Microsoft Faces User Complaints Over New Copilot Pro Performance Issues

Microsoft's Copilot Pro gets mixed reviews: praised for advanced AI, but criticized for slowness and delays, especially in creative mode.


Microsoft Copilot Pro, the premium version of the AI-powered assistant that integrates with Office applications and web browsers, has received mixed feedback from its users since its launch last week. While some praised its improved performance and advanced AI capabilities, others complained about its slow speed and delays, especially in the creative mode of GPT-4 Turbo, the faster and more powerful AI model that users have priority access to.

Pro is a paid subscription service that costs $20/month for one user and gives access to Copilot for Office apps on Windows, Mac and iOS. Copilot Pro users can also enjoy perks for image generation using Microsoft Designer, a tool based on OpenAI's DALL-E, such as faster generation, more detailed outputs, and landscape mode support. Additionally, Copilot Pro users will soon be able to create their own custom Copilot GPTs using simple prompts, or use the existing ones for specific topics such as cooking, travel, fitness, etc.

Feedback Has Not Been Encouraging

However, not everyone is satisfied with Copilot Pro's features and performance. Some users have reported that Copilot Pro is slow and has delays, especially in the creative mode of Turbo, which is supposed to generate more diverse and original content. One user said that it took more than 10 seconds for Copilot Pro to generate a paragraph of text, while another user said that the creative mode often produced irrelevant or nonsensical results.

's head of Advertising and Web Services, Mikhail Parakhin, responded to some of the complaints on Twitter and suggested turning off efficiency mode on the web browser, which reduces performance to save battery. He also mentioned that Copilot Pro is not available on Android or iOS yet, as Microsoft is waiting for the store approvals. He said it will take a few days for the app updates to be released.

Copilot Pro is Microsoft's attempt to compete with other AI-powered assistants such as Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, by offering more specialized and personalized services. However, it seems that Copilot Pro still has some issues to resolve before it can win over the users and justify its price tag.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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