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Microsoft Distances AI Offerings from Bing Brand, Introduces ‘Image Creator from Designer’

Microsoft rebrands again! Bing Image Creator is now Image Creator from Designer, joining Copilot Pro, a new $20/month AI subscription.


has made a strategic shift in its branding approach for artificial intelligence products by renaming yet another AI-based service; this time, it transforms the previously known Bing Image Creator into ‘Image Creator from Designer‘. The company disclosed the rebranding alongside the announcement of its new $20 monthly subscription service, Copilot Pro, which promises upgraded access to AI-empowered features and functionalities.

Introducing Copilot Pro

The Pro service encompasses a more advanced and detailed feature, now included in , a graphics creation platform first launched in 2022. The platform entered a public preview phase in April 2023 and utilizes OpenAI's DALL-E AI model, an innovative technology facilitating the creation of images and graphics through simple text prompts. Microsoft has enhanced Designer with the latest iteration of this model, DALL-E 3, further enriching its capability to produce intricate visuals.

The Future of Microsoft Designer

Although Microsoft Designer remains accessible at no cost during its public preview, the tech giant acknowledges that future features might come with a price tag upon its full release, the date of which is yet to be confirmed. A statement from Microsoft highlights the continued prominence of the Bing brand within the search industry, as well as its underlying technology, which powers myriad experiences within Copilot services. This rebranding decision signals Microsoft's intent to reserve the Bing name strictly for its internet search offerings, separating it from the broader suite of AI-driven tools. The strategic move aligns with Microsoft's vision to create distinct identities for their and search engine capabilities.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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