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New Copilot Apps Integrate GPT-4 and DALLE-3 Features for Mobile Devices

Microsoft brings powerful AI assistant Copilot to smartphones, empowering users with text & image generation, advanced dialogue, and seamless cross-device chat.


has unveiled its Copilot applications for smartphones, initiating a new age of mobile, artificial intelligence-powered assistance. The apps, now available on both Android and iOS platforms, grant users the power of Microsoft's directly from their mobile devices. Microsoft's confirmation puts an official stamp following the apps landing on the app stores during the holidays

Empowering Users with Advanced AI

Customers can now experience the array of Copilot's capabilities on their handheld devices. By signing into their Microsoft account, they can seamlessly sync chats across multiple gadgets and continue conversations that were started on other devices. The mobile apps support features such as , which offers sophisticated conversational capabilities and problem-solving skills, and DALLE-3, an image generator that can create visual content from textual descriptions. Furthermore, users have the convenience of integrating pictures from their smartphones into their dialogues with Copilot.

Subscription Models and Future Updates

Along with the standalone Copilot apps, Microsoft plans to introduce an updated version of the app. This will incorporate Copilot access for individuals who prefer to use the service within a single application environment, broadening the flexible interaction with AI, including content export options into Word or PDF formats.

For users aiming to take advantage of the advanced document drafting and email summarization tools in Word or Outlook, Microsoft has announced Copilot Pro, a subscription-based service at $20 per month. The company also announced enhancements tailored for commercial clients, lifting the previous minimum seat requirements and revealing future updates that may include the ability to develop bespoke Copilot GPTs using simple prompts.

Mobile users seeking AI assistance on the go can download the new Copilot apps from the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on their operating system preference. Additionally, the Microsoft 365 app is accessible to Android and iOS users. In a bid to provide flexibility, Copilot has been integrated into the Microsoft Edge browser—rebranded as the “AI Browser”—offering another avenue for users to engage with Copilot without the need to switch from their current browser preferences. This integration demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to an accommodating and adaptable user experience in the expanding realm of AI-driven utilities.

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