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Microsoft Edge DevTools Unveils Major Redesign with Version 120

Microsoft has unveiled a major redesign for Edge DevTools, bringing a simpler and more intuitive experience for developers.


has launched the Edge web browser's 120th stable version, featuring a comprehensive redesign of Edge DevTools. The redesign aims to simplify the user interface, facilitating a more intuitive experience for developers. The initiative to revamp DevTools began nearly two years prior, in response to feedback that the application had become too complex to navigate effectively.

Enhanced Accessibility and Organization

The debut of the Activity Bar stands out as the most significant enhancement to Edge DevTools. Alongside the Activity Bar, the development team incorporated a streamlined approach to tool representation, with each tool now symbolized by an icon and their names appearing on hover or when sufficient space permits. Additionally, notification icons for errors, warnings, and issues have been integrated within the corresponding tool icons, reducing the clutter on the right-hand side of the Activity Bar.

Developers now have the flexibility to configure their workspace with more ease, realigning tools between the top and bottom toolbars or opting for a vertical Activity Bar on the screen's left side. The recent update also features an improved “More tools” button to simplify tool access within the application.

Quick View and Customization Options

Another innovation is the renaming of a feature to “Quick View,” which permits developers to open a second tool adjacent to the one currently in use. A key advantage of Quick View is the ability to simultaneously utilize different tools, such as the Elements tool and the Console. Quick View supports horizontal space optimization by allowing a vertical orientation to the right of the current tool.

The renovated Edge DevTools facilitates a more user-friendly interaction for opening, closing, and adjusting the placement of tools. Detailed information regarding the new features and design changes is available on Microsoft's support website.

In conclusion, the Edge 120 version reflects Microsoft's commitment to enhancing developer tools and increasing productivity through user interface improvements, a testament to the company's dedication to ongoing advancement and refinement.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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