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Microsoft Introduces AI-Powered Copilot in Edge 120 for Better Debugging

Edge 120 brings Copilot to DevTools for easier error decoding. Click the icon on errors/warnings for detailed explanations.


has unveiled an integration of Copilot in its DevTools console with the launch of Microsoft Edge 120, aiming to significantly aid developers in troubleshooting. The new feature is designed to provide a helping hand when developers are faced with difficult-to-interpret error messages and warnings.

Enhancing the Developer's Toolbox

The DevTools console in is well-known for its critical role in a developer's toolkit, displaying error messages and warnings that can often be challenging to decipher. With Edge 120, whenever an error or warning appears in the DevTools console, a small Copilot icon is now situated adjacent to the message. By clicking this icon, developers can initiate , which then provides a detailed explanation of the specific error or warning.

Furthermore, the feature extends beyond the console. Developers can also command Copilot to elucidate any selected block of code within the Sources tool. By right-clicking and selecting “Copilot: Explain these lines of code,” Edge presents pertinent information in a sidebar, leveraging Copilot to grant context and clarify the issue.

Feedback Fosters Future Improvements

Despite its introduction, Copilot for DevTools is a feature still undergoing advancement. Microsoft encourages developers to manually enable the feature in Edge 120 or later versions to explore its capabilities. The tech giant continues to seek developer feedback, inviting professionals to contribute their insights, questions, and ideas on GitHub. This collaborative effort indicates Microsoft's commitment to refining Copilot's functionality, ensuring it becomes an indispensable resource for developers globally.

Further information on how to harness Copilot for error and warning troubleshooting in DevTools can be found in Microsoft's official documentation. As Edge continues to evolve, the integration of AI-powered tools like Copilot represents Microsoft's dedication to making developer experiences more intuitive and less time-consuming, potentially setting a new standard for browser development environments.

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