Developers working with Microsoft Edge can now access a pair of new DevTools for the Chromium-based browser. According to Microsoft, the new tools will aid developers when creating through Edge. The two tools are DevTools Tooltips and Focus Mode UI.

DevTools Tooltips

First up is DevTools Tooltips, which provides an overlay for Microsoft Edge DevTools. Users can use the layer to understand what panels across tabs do. Working in tandem with Focus Mode UI, developers access informative overlays by selecting the “?” icon. In this mode, users can toggle between overlays with information.

Focus Mode UI

Another new developer mode in Microsoft Edge, Focus Mode UI gives users tools for group tabs together. Importantly, this grouping is based on the developers own workflow through DevTools. Focus Mode UI is set as a default to show recommended tabs for groups like “Testing” and “Layout”. Dev’s can customize their own tab groups as well.

Both new DevTools tools are available with Microsoft Edge 90.0.810.0 and later. That’s a Canary preview build, allowing developers to work in a testing framework. Microsoft is asking for feedback from developers. Both features and feedback can be found at GitHub here.

WebView2 Release

Back in November, Microsoft brought Microsoft Edge WebView 2 to .NET developers. Users of .NET 5, .NET Core, and .NET Framework WinForms and WPF can access the new tool through Windows 10.

With WebView2, users can create custom web-based app elements or full Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Like Microsoft Edge, the service runs on Google’s Chromium engine. In 2019, Microsoft sent out the SDK for WebView 2 to Windows 10 Developers.

Tip of the day:

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