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WhatsApp Voice Chats Go Live for Discord-like Big Groups, Encrypted and Quiet

WhatsApp has launched a new voice chat feature that allows users to join large group conversations without disrupting the messaging experience of others.


WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature reminiscent of Discord’s voice chat, offering large group communication without the intrusion of ringing calls. This voice chat functionality is designed to initiate in a discreet manner, whereby members can join in by tapping a visual cue within the chat interface.

Quiet Entry into Conversations

Once a user taps into the voice chat, they can converse with those who are available without interrupting the messaging experience of others. The adaptive controls allow users to quickly unmute, send messages, or disconnect from the voice chat, which is displayed at the heart of the interface. The feature extends to groups with 33 or more members and will be deployed globally over the following weeks.

Encryption and the User Experience

In line with WhatsApp’s privacy standards, these voice chats are secured with end-to-end encryption, assuring users that their conversations remain private. This introduction follows a pattern of updates aimed at enhancing the user experience. This includes dual account usage, passkey support on Android, and interactive shopping features—termed “Flows”—that enable transactions such as flight seat selection or appointment scheduling without exiting the app.

In a broader company perspective, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has indicated significant user-business interaction on WhatsApp, with 600 million engagements daily. These statistics highlight the platform’s role in nurturing customer relationships, accentuated by the reported revenue increase in WhatsApp Business. Such innovations testify to WhatsApp’s commitment to advancing its services to align with user preferences and market trends.

Zuckerberg has been talking up WhatsApp over rivals like Apple’s iMessage, saying Meta’s encryption sets WhatsApp apart. He claims that Meta-owned  provides more privacy and security than ‘s iMessage. Zuckerberg suggests iOS users are better off using WhatsApp than the native instant messaging solution.

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