Meta/Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a message for iPhone and iPad users. He claims that Meta-owned WhatsApp provides more privacy and security than Apple’s iMessage. Zuckerberg suggests iOS users are better off using WhatsApp than the native instant messaging solution.

Does he have a point? Well, partly yes. Zuckerberg points out in a Facebook post that WhatsApp encrypts all messages no matter the platform. While iMessage encrypts messages on iOS, it converts messages to non-encrypted SMS when sending them to Android devices.

Another benefit Zuckerberg says WhatsApp has over iMessage is the ability to disappear chats with a single tap of a button. This is a new feature that makes it impossible to recall messages on your phone (if you choose). Yet another unique feature the CEO mentions is end-to-end encryption backups, again something that is not available in Apple’s service.

He sort of has a point, doesn’t he? There is no doubt the closed nature of iOS, in general, makes iMessage a secure choice but once messages leave Apple’s watchful eye, they are not as secure.


WhatsApp has always been a leader in maintaining the privacy and security of its users. It is sort o ironic considering Facebook and Meta have a terrible track record on both fronts. I guess it is a compliment to the company that it has managed to somehow maintain the integrity of WhatsApp (and to a lesser extent Instagram) while Facebook’s brand image has hit lows.

As for Zuckerberg’s comments, it ties to a wider ad campaign WhatsApp is embarking on to emphasize the security of the app. It seems that the campaign will include calling out rivals and making direct comparisons to them.

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