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Microsoft Edge for Business to Launch Fully This Week

Microsoft Edge for Business goes general availability, offering businesses a new way to manage and secure their employees' browsing experience.


Microsoft Edge for Business will become generally available this week, giving businesses a new way to manage and secure their employees' browsing experience. Edge for Business is a dedicated browser for businesses that offers a number of features that are not available in the regular version of Microsoft Edge.

initially announced the new version of its web browser back at Build 2023 in May. A preview followed in June and now the browser is moving to full release.

for Business is a browser that gives organizations the flexibility to customize their web settings according to their specific needs and preferences. It offers a secure, fast, and optimal browsing experience for business users, with features that enhance their productivity and collaboration. It also supports multiple platforms and over 80 languages.

Microsoft's new business browser also helps users to keep their work and personal browsing separate by using different browser windows, each with its own favorites, caches, and storage locations. This ensures that users can easily switch between their work and personal content, and avoid accidentally sharing sensitive information with the wrong audience.

Business Focused Browser Features

One of the key features of Microsoft Edge for Business is its enterprise-grade security and compliance capabilities. The browser offers advanced protection and governance features, such as Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, Application Guard and Password Monitor, which help users to safeguard their data and devices from online threats. The browser also integrates with Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory, which enable users to sign in with their organizational accounts and enforce conditional access policies.

Another feature of Microsoft Edge for Business is its fast and responsive web browsing experience. The browser delivers optimal performance and efficiency, thanks to its optimized engine and features like Sleeping Tabs, Startup Boost and Collections, which help users to save time and resources. The browser also supports Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which allow users to install web apps on their devices and access them offline.

A third feature of Microsoft Edge for Business is its productivity and collaboration tools. The browser enhances user experience and workflow, by offering tools like Microsoft Search in Bing, which allows users to find information across their organization and the web. The browser also supports apps like Outlook, Teams and OneDrive, as well as extensions from the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store and the Chrome Web Store.

Edge for Business is available for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7macOS, iOS and Android devices. Microsoft Edge for Business is available for download from the official website. Users can also learn more about the browser from the official blog or the documentation.

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