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Microsoft Edge Transforms into a Full-Fledged Photo Editor with Viewer Feature

Microsoft Edge is getting a new photo viewer with built-in editing features, the ability to share photos directly from the browser, and a new Collections.


is reportedly working on making Edge a more capable photo viewer known as Edge Photo. The company is adding new features to the browser that will make it easier to view images and then edit and share them directly in Edge. This feature is currently in preview on Edge Canary version 116.0.1934.0. Microsoft has been expanding the photo editing capabilities since last year

One of the new features Microsoft has previously announced is a built-in photo editor. This allows users to crop, rotate, and adjust the brightness and contrast of their photos. It is also possible to add filters and effects. Another new feature is the ability to share photos directly from Edge. 

By adding a full photo viewer in the latest preview build, it is now possible to do all image management within the browser. Edge Photo will also make the Collections feature more powerful in Microsoft Edge. This will allow users to save and organize their photos in different folders. They will also be able to create slideshows and share them with others.

How to Access the Viewer and Use it with Editing Tools

  1. Ensure you are running Microsoft Edge Canary to version 116.0.1934.0 or later.
  2. Right-click the Microsoft Edge icon and select Properties.
  3. Select the Target field, press Spacebar, and enter: –enable-features=msEdgePhoto.
  4. Save and re-launch Microsoft Edge
  5. You can now drag any image into Microsoft Edge.  

The editing feature is accessible from the context menu when right-clicking on an image file in the browser. It opens a new tab with a simple interface that lets users crop, rotate, flip, and adjust the brightness and contrast of the image. Users can also apply filters, such as sepia, grayscale, and invert, to change the look of the image. The edited image can be saved as a new file or replaced with the original one.

Currently In Preview on the Canary Channel

Edge Photo is similar to the built-in Photos app in Windows 11, but it offers a more convenient way to view and edit images without leaving the browser. It also works with any image format that Edge supports, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, and WEBP.

Microsoft has not announced when the feature will be available in the stable version of Edge, but it is likely that it will be rolled out gradually to more users in the coming weeks or months. The feature is part of Microsoft's efforts to make Edge more than just a web browser, but also a platform for productivity and creativity.

Microsoft seems to have a grand vision for Edge as the ultimate browser that can do everything. Besides browsing the web, the browser also offers a VPN, a math formula solver, and many other tools that some might consider unnecessary. However, the photo editor could be a useful addition that actually enhances the web experience. Moreover, even if Edge is packed with features, it is easy enough to ignore them and just use the app as a simple web browser.

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