In the never-ending quest to make Microsoft Edge more than just a browser, Microsoft is getting increasingly close to throwing in the kitchen sink. For its next party trick, Microsoft is readying to integrate features from the Windows Photos app into Microsoft Edge.

The newest Edge Canary update includes a built-in photo editor for the web browser. As spotted by Leopeva64-2, users running this preview can edit an image directly in Edge before saving it. In terms of the jack-of-all-trades features Microsoft is throwing at Edge, this is amongst the most useful.

Users can use the editing feature by right-clicking an image to see the built-in editing options. These tools are directly from the Photos app, so you can crop, add filters, annotate, and handle metrics such as exposure, contrast, and brightness.

As this is a Canary channel build, the tool may still be unstable. It is also worth noting Microsoft rolls Canary features out in waves so the photo editing may not be available to all users just yet.

Is Edge Bloating?

This is another example of Microsoft trying to make Edge the browser that does all things. These days the browser has a VPN, math formula solver, and loads of other tools that could be described as bloat.

For what it’s worth, the photo editor may be a tool that actually enhances the actual browsing experience. Also, while Edge is bloating at the seems, it is simple enough to ignore the myriad features and simply use the app as a web browser.

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