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Adobe Premiere Pro Enhances Video Editing with Four New AI Tools

Adobe adds AI magic to Premiere Pro! New tools let you add/remove objects, extend clips, and create videos from text.


has unveiled the addition of four new generative AI tools to its Premiere Pro software, aiming to significantly streamline the process. Announced during the NAB 2024 event, the tools include Object Addition, Object Removal, Generative Extend, and Text to Video. Developed using Adobe's Firefly AI model, these features are designed to enhance productivity and creativity for users across various skill levels. Premiere Pro, accessible via the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, is set to become more versatile and user-friendly with these updates.

Enhancing Video Editing with AI

The newly introduced features cater to a wide range of editing needs. Object Addition allows users to seamlessly integrate new elements into their videos, such as altering the color of an object or adding new imagery to a scene. Object Removal is designed to eliminate unwanted elements from videos, akin to removing a misplaced item from a historical scene. Generative Extend can create additional frames at the beginning or end of a clip, effectively extending scenes without the need for reshooting. Lastly, Text to Video enables the creation of video clips from textual prompts, offering a new level of creative freedom.

Commitment to Ethical AI and Third-Party Integration

In its announcement, Adobe emphasized its dedication to ethical AI practices, ensuring that the new features are developed with responsibility and commercial usability in mind. The company also highlighted its open approach to AI models, allowing for the integration of third-party plugins from companies like , Lika Labs, and Runway. This strategy supports a growing ecosystem of AI models, enabling users to leverage a broad array of tools within Adobe applications.

Future of Video Editing with AI

Adobe's introduction of these AI tools into Premiere Pro represents a significant step forward in video editing technology. By automating complex editing tasks and offering new creative possibilities, Adobe is not only addressing common pain points for video editors but also expanding the creative potential of video production. As the company continues to integrate AI into its software suite, the future of creative work looks increasingly innovative and accessible to a wider audience.

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