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Microsoft Releases PowerToys 0.69 With New Registry Preview Feature

Registry Preview in PowerToys 0.69 allows users to edit and view files in the Windows Registry without using another app.


has released a new version of its suite of utilities for and 11 users. PowerToys version 0.69 brings a new utility called Registry Preview, which allows users to view and edit Windows Registry files without using external applications. The update also includes several fixes and improvements for the existing utilities, such as Awake, Color Picker, FancyZones, PowerRename, and PowerToys Run.

PowerToys is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows 10 and 11 experience for greater productivity. It has several modules for enhancing Windows, such as FancyZones to create custom desktop and snap windows to them, and Color Picker for system-wide color choices from any website.

Back in May 2019, Microsoft rebooted its PowerToys, a modern version of the suite of tools that appeared on Windows 95. The big different between modern and legacy versions is the suite is now open source. Since then, Microsoft has been working to expand the capabilities of the service with new components and features.

PowerToys 0.69 now allows users to to visualize and edit Windows Registry files (.reg) without having to use applications like Notepad. You can open Registry Preview by right-clicking on a .reg file and selecting “Open with PowerToys Registry Preview”. It is also possible to drag and drop a .reg file onto the Registry Preview icon in the system tray.

How the New Registry Preview Works

Registry Preview shows you the contents of the .reg file, highlighting the keys and values that will be added, modified, or deleted. You can also edit the .reg file by changing the values or adding or deleting keys. You can save your changes by clicking on the “Save” button or discard them by clicking on the “Cancel” button.

Registry Preview also supports importing and exporting .reg files. You can import a .reg file by clicking on the “Import” button and selecting a file from your computer. You can export a .reg file by clicking on the “Export” button and choosing a location to save the file.

As always, the latest version of PowerToys also comes with improvements and fixes for known issues:

  • “Awake: Quality-of-life improvements and introduced keeping system awake until expiration time and date.
  • Color Picker: Fix issue sampling timing and grid issue causing Color Picker to sample the color of its own grid.
  • FancyZones: Fix window cycling on multiple monitors issue.”

0.69 is available now for and Windows 10 through the Microsoft Store and GitHub.

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